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*** Bikpela Toksave ***

As per new Travel Measures issued under the National Pandemic Act 2020

All intending passengers who wish to travel must individually complete an Air Passenger Travel Form

Approval is no longer required, however must state reason for travel
and provide a valid form of Photo ID.

PNG Air will continue to ensure, we operate in a safe and compliant manner, adhering to PNG Government advice at all times, to help mitigate the risks in the spread against COVID-19.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.


Welkam long PNG Air


Bikpela samting PNG Air tingim, em ol pasindia. Ol spesol stret long mipela na mipela tingim ol long olgeta wok mipela mekim, olsem bihainim ol seifti law, kisim ol niupela balus i kam, mipela hamamas long lukautim yu insait lo balus na hau mipela lainim ol woklain bilong mipela long givim namabawan sevis.


Olgeta taim wanpela balus I kirap or kamap long ol ron bilong ol, olgeta tiket mipela salim, olgeta kago mipela karim na olgeta wok bilong ol engineer, mipela gat wanpela tingting tasol taim mipela mekim ol dispela wok….





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