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ATR 72-600

PNG Air operates seven brand new ATR 72–600 (as at Dec 2017). The new ATR 72-600 variant is the leader in the field of current generation turbo prop aircraft, equipped with the next generation Thales Glass cockpit integrated avionic suite that enhances flight safety and operational capabilities while reducing pilot workload.

The aircraft are configured in a spacious 2+2 seating layout with comfortable leather seats. Complete with a full Galley, large baggage compartments and a full size toilet.

The -600 series incorporates technological innovations to further enhance the feeling of space and features the new Armonia design interior produced by renowned luxury car interior designer Giugiaro of Italy, providing thinner and larger seats with adequate legroom and bigger overhead bins.

Improved LED interior lighting adds to the ambiance, comfort and enhances the passenger’s pleasure of flying with us.



Two 1,820 kW (2,475 shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127M turboprops driving six bladed Hamilton standard 568F propellers.



Max cruising speed 509 km/h (275kt).

Rate of climb 1,355 ft/min.

Range 1,528 km(825 nm) and service ceiling at 25,000 ft (7,620 m).



Operating empty weight 13,500 kg (29,762 lb), max take-off 23,000 kg (34,500 lb).


Wing span 27.05m (88ft 9in), length 27.17m (89ft 2in), height 7.65m (25ft 1in).



Flight crew of four. Typical passenger seating for 72 at four abreast and 76.2cm (30in) pitch.