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Dash 8

PNG Air has 10 Dash 8s on its fleet. The Dash 8 is renowned for being a leader in its class for short field performance. It is probably the only aircraft operating in Papua New Guinea that can take off from remote mine site location in the extremes of temperatures and altitudes without having to leave people behind.

The aircraft are configured in a spacious 2+2 seating layout with comfortable leather seats. Complete with a full Galley, large baggage compartment and a full size toilet. The Dash 8 is equipped with the latest safety features, including Weather Radar, EGPWS, TCAS II & Radar Altimeter.

PNG Air is able to offer the Dash 8 in various configurations including 36 seat passengers interior, 28 seat interior, 20 seat interior or as a total freighter.



Two 1490kW (2000shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW120A turboprops driving four bladed constant speed Hamilton standard propellers.



Max cruising speed 490km/h (265kt) long-range cruising speed 440km/h (237kt). Initial rate of climb 1560ft/min Range with full passenger load, fuel and reserves 1520km(820nm), range with a 2720kg (6000lb) payload 2040km (1100nm).



Operating empty weight 10,250kg (22,600lb), max takeoff 15,650kg (34,500lb)



Wing span 25.91m (85ft 0in), length 22.25m (73ft 0in), height 7.49m (24ft 7in). Wing area 54.35sq.m (585.0sq.ft)



Flight crew of three. Typical passenger seating for 36 at four abreast and 79cm (31in) pitch.