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Safety Management Systems

Safety, whether in our air operations or in the workplace, is a priority for PNG Air and the airline has permanent appointments to the positions of Flight Safety Officer, Quality Assurance Manager and Workplace Health & Safety Officer. Regular training sessions are held by these Officers to upgrade and maintain the safety qualifications of relevant staff.  Courses covering topics such as dangerous goods, aircraft marshalling and ramp safety are permanent features of these training programs.

It is ongoing actions such as these that have resulted in PNG Air being commended as a role model by the PNG Occupational Health & Safety Council, for creating a safe environment for clients, the general public and its own staff. PNG Air is a first level Papua New Guinea airline with a firm belief in a safe and healthy working environment and is a member of the Aviation Safety Foundation of Australasia. To achieve its safety goals, PNG Air continues to implement a comprehensive Accident Prevention Program and is undertaking a comprehensive review of all work practices and reporting guidelines, which will be discussed through regular Safety Meetings.

The Accident Prevention Program is designed to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace and requires the involvement and assistance of employees and clients alike to ensure the complete benefits flow through to the travelling public, employees and to the company.  A copy of the program is available for regular reviews at each PNG Air location.  The program involves a continuous quality improvement approach and is affected by the day to day safety consciousness of all at PNG Air and is epitomised in the workplace slogan, “SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT”.