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Ad Hoc Charters

PNG Air are able to provide ad-hoc aircraft charter service both within PNG and to Australia. We can make all of the arrangements for you to get to where you want to go.


With our ATR and Dash 8 aircraft we are able to cater for requirements of up to 72 passengers (depending on distance and runway).


In addition to moving passengers and freight, our staff are experienced in charter flights for repatriating coffins and mourners back to home villages.


Just contact our charters team and provide them with the required information and they will provide you with a quotation for providing the service.


The key information we will require from you is:

  1. Date that you want to travel and time of day.
  2. When you require a return flight.
  3. What airports/towns you want to travel from and to.
  4. How many people you want to travel and an estimate of their combined body weight.
  5. How much baggage/freight you need to carry with you.


Our charter service specialists will be able to assist you with the process but if customers can think about the above questions in advance this will better allow us to prepare the most cost effective solution to your requirements.


Following are contact details to allow you to make contact with the PNG Air Charters Consultant:


   Email: charters@pngair.com.pg

  Phone: +675 325 2011