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News Archive 2017

Media Announcement - 05 December 2017


Emergency response exercise sharpens skills


Emergency response crew, including medics and fire fighters, honed their expertise and knowledge in a real-time emergency response exercise at Kunaye Airport near Lihir recently.
The scenario that played out during the exercise included a simulated fire and explosion, medical injuries and evacuations.
“The eighteen volunteers situated within the aircraft suffered a variety of simulated conditions, including smoke inhalation, broken bones, lacerations, unconsciousness and panic, really putting the medics to the test,” said Lihir Manager - Security & Port Operations Malcolm Maddison. “Given the nature of some of the injuries the medics had to evacuate some of the ‘unconscious’ passengers via the emergency door. In the meantime, the firefighters were dealing with a simulated explosion, uncontained fire and smoke.”


The exercise was run by Newcrest in collaboration with PNG Air, Newcrest’s prime aviation contractor in PNG since August. It also included participants from Kunaye airport and International SOS.

“It was a great opportunity to test the emergency response capabilities of both Newcrest and PNG Air, as well as our contractors and suppliers,” said Malcolm. “The exercise was observed by independent reviewers who then provided feedback to capitalise on any areas for improvement.”


The exercise was just one of the regular real-time and desk-top drills that are conducted on a regular basis across Newcrest.
“The potential of an aircraft accident has been identified as one of Lihir’s Material Risks,” said Acting GM Business Support Felix Tavil. “Emergency response is an important mitigating control to reduce the impact of an event like this. Real-time drills are conducted at every relevant site on a two-yearly basis, with a desk-top exercise on alternate years, to ensure our people on the ground fully understand the risk and that we have practised our response to it.”


Media Announcement - 17 November 2017


PNG Air welcomes 7th new ATR


PNG Air have taken delivery of their seventh ATR 72 -600 aircraft (P2-ATF) which arrived in PNG Thursday evening at 10:30pm. The aircraft is currently undergoing the modifications required to prepare the aircraft for commercial operations and will commence service on the new schedule starting 04 December.



“We are pleased to welcome the latest addition to our fleet and the opportunity that this brings to further increase capacity and frequency on our domestic schedule” said Paul Abbot Chief Commercial Officer. “As we prepare ourselves for the very busy peak period in December the additional capacity will help ensure we are able to meet the travel needs of even more people looking to get home for the holidays.”

The addition of this newest ATR further cements PNG Air’s position as operating the youngest fleet in PNG and is a further statement of the airlines commitment to bringing world class aviation services to PNG.


Media Announcement - 14 August 2017


PNG Air launches services to Wapenamanda


PNG Air commenced services to Wapenamanda Airport this week.

“I am very happy to confirm that PNG Air as part of the new schedule starting Monday 14 August has begun services to Wapenamanda,” said Paul Abbot, PNG Air’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“Initially we will be operating Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Port Moresby to Wapenamanda but we are confident that as time goes on and local support builds we will be able to introduce additional flights into the schedule,” Mr Abbot said.



Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas welcomed the move by PNG Air saying “We welcome PNG Air to Enga Province and thank them for the increased options now available to the people of Enga wishing to travel to other areas within PNG. It is important that the people have a choice of carriers and we are delighted that PNG Air have increased their network and included Wapenamanda.”




Media Announcement - 23 June 2017


PNG Air Touchdown for Sixth ATR


PNG Air have taken delivery of their sixth ATR 72 -600 aircraft (P2-ATE) which arrived in PNG in the early hours of Saturday morning. The aircraft is currently undergoing the modifications required to prepare the aircraft for commercial operations.



“We are pleased to welcome the latest addition to our fleet and the opportunity that this brings to further increase capacity and frequency on our domestic schedule” said Paul Abbot Chief Commercial Officer. “This ATR will be used to help support the additional requirements for the recently won Newcrest Mining contract so adds much needed capacity for our schedule.”



The addition of this newest ATR further cements PNG Air’s position as operating the youngest fleet in PNG and is a further statement of the airlines commitment to bringing world class aviation services to PNG.


Media Announcement - 23 June 2017


Newcrest Mining signs up PNG Air


Newcrest Mining has confirmed PNG Air as their Fixed Wing Aviation supplier for all services to Lihir Island from 13 August following a tender process for those services.

“PNG Air has been providing Newcrest Mining with scheduled passenger services to Lihir Island since October 2014, including transporting Newcrest staff to and from site. We’re very pleased to announce that following the recent tender PNG Air will also provide Newcrest with charter services from Cairns and Port Moresby” said Muralee Siva, PNG Air’s CEO.

“Moving Newcrest’s staff to the island is a logistically complex operation so we are providing a blend of charter and RPT services to achieve that in the most efficient and cost effective manner” said Siva. “The new ATR 72 aircraft is the largest aircraft that can operate to the island and the combination of greater uplift capability and increased passenger comfort together with the experience we have built up over the past 2 years with Newcrest allowed the Airline to provide a compelling solution to support the mine.”

Newcrest Mining staff are drawn from throughout PNG and PNG Air offered the domestic network and connections through the major ports needed to reduce travel times and give scheduling options to Newcrest.


Media Announcement - 07 April 2017


CNN lists PNG Air’s livery as one of the best


The distinctive and eye-catching PNG Air logo and aircraft livery introduced when the airline began bringing in its brand new ATR 72-600 aircraft in late 2015 was included this week in a list of 12 of the best aircraft liveries of recent years published by CNN online.



In including PNG Air's livery in its list CNN commented that it was a contemporary depiction of ancient patterns that was designed to reflect the nation's diversity and that traditional icons from around the country were incorporated on the unusual and striking design,

PNG Air joined major world airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, All Nippon Airlines, Qatar Airways and Taiwan’s EVA on CNN’s list.

PNG Air CEO Muralee Siva said it was very pleasing to gain recognition from a body like CNN that is known and trusted around the world.

“When we adopted the new livery it was to announce ourselves as a fresh, dynamic, new airline.  We want to give a world class airline experience to every Papua New Guinean and that means doing everything right – down to choosing a logo,” Mr Siva said.



CNN’s full list of the best aircraft liveries can be seen at http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/04/aviation/best-aircraft-livery-design/index.html



Media Announcement - 24 March 2017


PNG Air flying to Esa’ala


On Thursday 23 March PNG Air operated a Dash 8 service to Esa’ala in Milne Bay Province.

“As part of our ongoing route development we have identified a number of possible ports which would benefit from air services. Esa’ala is one such port and we were very pleased that with the support of the Minister for Civil Aviation and NAC that we were able to conduct a development flight to the island to assess the work done on the strip prior to full commercial use” said Muralee Siva PNG Air CEO.



“Esa’ala is a great example where population base, economic development programmes and tourism all combine to create overwhelming support for the re-instatement of aviation services. Much work has already been done on ensuring the airstrip is compliant with the required safety and operational requirements and with the proactive support of the Minister for Civil Aviation and the assessment work done by NAC there is no doubt that commercial services will commence shortly.” Continued Mr Siva

Hon Davis Steven (Minister for Civil Aviation) on arrival said “I am also prepared to write an exclusive agreement for only this operator to come here, because then it gives them an incentive, and together we can develop mainstream businesses such as Tourism. So we are working on the potential development areas that the island has to offer that will provide long term sustainable opportunities for the people here”
 “Our vision is not to have an empty plane landing here and empty plane taking off. We want to be the only airstrip in the country that is full coming, full going out.” He continued.



At present the only method of transporting people, trade goods and food to the island is by boat and with the rough weather prevalent at many times during the year this places people in very real danger and the number of lives lost in the region due to boating accidents is a very real source of concern to Milne Bay Local Government officials. The opening up of air services will reduce the reliance on marine vessels and consequently provide a safer alternative for people on the island.

Media Announcement - 23 March 2017


Tokua Airport new hub for PNG Air


PNG Air have announced their new schedule to commence 10th April which includes basing a Dash 8 aircraft and crew at Tokua Airport (Kokopo) to help service the growing demand in the New Guinea Islands

“We have seen tremendous growth in travellers through the New Guinea Islands over the past 2-3 years and believe it is now time to further expand our network in order to give greater support for this very important region.” said Muralee Siva CEO PNG Air.


“The new schedule will see daily services linking Port Moresby and Kokopo and the ability for business people to do a day trip to Kokopo and return. More importantly basing the Dash 8 at Tokua provides increased frequency to Buka and Kieta which reflects the growth within Bougainville. This is very much in line with our strategic goal of using our new ATR 72 seaters on the main domestic trunk routes and connecting to Dash 8 services to improve schedule options and frequency for the smaller provincial centres” continued Siva.

PNG Air currently operate 5 new ATR 72-600 aircraft with another 2 due into service in 2017 and 10 Dash 8 aircraft.

Media Announcement - 25 January 2017


PNG Air maintains Gold safety registration


PNG Air is proud to advise that the airline’s registration with BARS (the Basic Aviation Risk Standard) has been confirmed at Gold level for the next 2 years, following a recent renewal audit.

BARS was developed by mining resource companies and the Flight Safety Foundation to establish a common safety audit standard for suppliers of aviation services to the resource industry.   It provides industry companies with the level of safety assurance they require, measured against very stringent standards.   Only eight audit companies worldwide are approved to perform BARS audits.

“As PNG Air has significant operations in the resources sector for both charter and scheduled passenger services we are delighted that our work on safety programs and internal processes has been recognised,” PNG Air CEO Muralee Siva said.

Gold registration is BARS’ highest registration standard and recognises that the airline has maintained all required safety compliance standards over the past 2 years, since first achieving gold registration in December 2014.

BARS member companies include Newcrest Mining, Barrack Gold, Leighton, Xstrata, BHP Billiton and International SOS.



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