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Airport Transfers 

PNG Air Domestic Transfers 

If you are to transfer to a PNG Air domestic flight, make your way to the arrival exit at the front of the international terminal and turn right. Follow the covered concourse approximately 300 meters to the Domestic Terminal departures entrance, pass through the security check point and proceed to the check-in counters. 

Transfers / Connecting Flights: 

PNG Air to PNG Air flights: When checking in for a connecting flight where you are connecting with PNG Air, airport staff will check you in on both flights, and tag your bag through to your final destination – you will not have to collect your check in bag in transit. 

International Connections 

When checking in for your domestic where you have an international connection, ensure to let the staff know your international flight details. Baggage must be collected at your transit and rechecked in for your International Flight.

Other Airlines to PNG Air 

When checking in for your flight with another airline where by you have a connecting flight with PNG Air, ensure to collect your checked bag at your transit port and recheck in at the PNG Air check-in counter to collect your boarding pass and check in baggage.