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Mount Hagen, Western Highlands Province

The capital city, Mt Hagen, is a bustling commercial center where wealth from coffee and tea plantations has brought rapid change to traditional lifestyle. If you want to visit the last frontier of Papua New Guinea this is it. Taste the sweetest strawberries at Rondon Ridge, attend one of the regular cultural festivals held throughout the province and don’t miss the kaleidoscope of colors on view at the Saturday markets.

Wapenamanda, Enga Province

Dominated by only one language, many people in Enga do not need to speak English or Tok Pisin, so use a guide to ensure a smooth trip. From the main town of Wabag, visit nearby high-altitude lakes, discover the Laiagam salt ponds, and tackle the short 15-minute hike to the thundering Yuo Falls

Tari, Hela Province

Hela province is one of Papua New Guinea’s newest provinces, formed from three Southern Highlands districts in 2012. From the capital of Tari you’ll be delighted by the untouched environment and vibrant Hela customs. Home to the iconic Huli Wigmen, this is the place to learn about our striking body decoration and hear the melodies of our flute-like panpipes and bamboo Jew’s-harps.

Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province

Goroka’s attractive, well-organised town is the provincial capital of the Eastern Highlands. Take a guided tour of a coffee plantation and meet the friendly locals in some of the outlying villages. Encounter the eerie Asaro Mudmen up close who once used sinister mud masks to scare their enemies. Discover the interesting cave paintings at Lufa where you can also climb Mount Micheal with a guide. Goroka’s colorful mix of culture, coffee plantations and craft in cool high altitudes means you’ll never want to leave.

Kundiawa, Chimbu Province

Bordered by Madang to the north and the Gulf to the south, Simbu’s provincial capital, Kundiawa, sits beside a spectacular airstrip, built on a sloping ridge beneath the towering mountains. Cold weather gear is recommended in these occasionally snowy mountaintops. The province is dotted with a number of hospitable guesthouses that will accommodate your every trekking and touring request.

Mendi, Southern Highlands Province

In Mendi and Ialibu you’ll get a strong feeling for the intricate social systems that define the Southern Highlands. This is one of the few remaining places where the traditional way of life can be seen in everyday living, making it an adventure seeker’s dream. Summit the country's second-highest mountain, Mount Giluwe (4,368m), explore the tracks around Mount Ialibu (3,465m), or simply enjoy the peaceful scenery at Lake Kutubu.

Banz, Jiwaka Province

Jiwaka is a province of Papua New Guinea. The provincial capital is temporarily located in Kurumul with a very fertile land (Waghi Valley). The Waghi River runs between the valley and most of the people benefit out of it. Besides the Waghi River, the land is naturally fertile and people harvest the best food from it. The 3 resources of the Jiwaka people are coffee, tea and human resources.