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Baggage information

Find out about our checked and carry-on baggage allowances, including travelling with oversize luggage and what cannot fly.

Checked baggage

Each Passenger holding a seat is entitled to 16kg free baggage allowance. Infants are not entitled to a baggage allowance. However, strollers and car seats will be uplifted free of charge.

Baggage checked will be accepted upon check-in if the following requirements are met:

  • Each piece of checked in baggage must not weigh more than 32kgs and the total linear dimension (length plus width must not exceed 158cm.
  • All checked baggage must be packed correctly to withstand the loading and unloading process.

 Passengers must not include in their checked baggage:

    • Fragile, delicate or perishable items.
    • Computers, Cameras or personal electronic equipment.
    • Items with special value (cash, cheques, jewelry or precious metals).
    • Negotiable papers, share certificates or other valuable documents.
    • Medicines or health equipment.
PNG Air will not accept baggage for check-in if they are packed incorrectly or will not withstand the loading and unloading process (I.e. fragile items like a sheet of glass)

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods, articles, and substances that can cause harm to the aircraft and passengers are forbidden in carry-on bags and checked in bags. Please refer to the infographic for clarification.

Cabin baggage

What is allowed?

Maximum of 7kgs per person and must fit into the Cabin Baggage test unit. All passengers are encouraged to carry valuable items such as phones, cameras, money and important documents in their hand luggage.

What is not allowed?

Any sharp objects or metals such as knives, scissors, etc., must not be carried in your hand luggage. All aerosols must have a lid on them and placed in your checked in baggage.

Missing or damaged baggage

All Passengers with missing or damaged baggage must report it to Ground Staff within 24 hours. PNG Air is not liable for any reports submitted outside of 24 hours.

If your baggage cannot be located within 3 days of your flight, you may be entitled to a claim. Only baggage that was reported as lost or damaged on arrival will be assessed for claim.

As per our Terms and Conditions of carriage (which are accepted upon purchase of your ticket), PNG Air is not liable for lost or damaged baggage.

Please refer to Clause 61 of the Terms and Conditions of Carriage on your ticket.